With the release of their full length album Getting Over You, Passing Worth brings a vintage feel to indie pop. Lush with soulful guitars, addicting choruses, and beautifully full string sections, the record reaches an aesthetic of listening to an album released in the late 60’s. Though the songs can be very diverse from one and other, there is a glue that holds the album together almost like a concept album. Most importantly, the record never loses touch with the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single “Then What”, is an upbeat anthemic power house that combines a youthful energy with a timeless story. All the while still giving rhythm that makes you wanna dance while chanting along.

”So you have a break up. ‘Then What’ is basically saying, yea, you’re hurting, you can deal with it by skanking it up, but THEN WHAT? ‘When you wake tomorrow will the pain magically be gone?’ ” explains songwriter Alex Davis of the single.

Although the single speaks volumes, in order to get the full understanding and story of where Passing Worth is coming from, the album should be heard in its entirety. Songs like “Getting Over You” are more like classic soul power ballads with an indie edge. All in all, this record comes from very real places.

”All of the songs (and many more) were written in the dynamic places of the grieving process. There’s moments of denial ‘Not Gonna Budge’, anger ‘Then What’, bargaining in ‘Don’t Go Walking’, depression ‘Another Night’ and ultimately acceptance in ‘Sometimes Lovers, Sometimes Friends’ and ‘Getting Over You’ ” says the band of the album as a whole.

Passing Worth has always been about the music and stories that music tells. The group seemed to form simply by what the music needed. Drummer Pat Chapman and singer Alex Davis started working on early versions of the Passing Worth songs back in early 2012. Pat then introduced Moses Andrews III on bass along with organs and additional vocals. Once Moses settled in to the group he brought in Cassy Renee on vocals, a long time musical partner. Cassy fit right in bringing a smooth soulfulness to the songs. It was shortly thereafter that Pat and Moses began conceptualizing a jazzy guitar element to the songs. That’s where Jonathan Knott came into play. While Jon could only play for a short spell in 2013, his guitar elevated the creative capacity of the music. It would not be long before Moses would introduce Alex Skiro a very talented guitarist finishing his studies at Winthrop. It was clear we had the winning combination that makes Passing Worth deeply musical and original.

As they collect their current influences, you can’t help but smile at the group’s composition. They have: Alex Davis on keys and lead vocals with a degree in Music Composition with songwriting influences from Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, Pat Chapman who models his drumming off of the great Steve Jordan of the John Mayer Trio, Moses Andrews III—a musical powerhouse with deep roots in soul, jazz, and gospel music who models his bass playing off Jaco Pastorius and Pino Palladino, Cassy Renée who in her own right is the next Joni Mitchell fused with Corinne Bailey Rae, and finally with Hendrixesque feeling—Mr. Alex Skiro who draws from his guitar hero and instructor, Steve Vai.

The group has already been selected to play the RAW Artist Raleigh Showcase at the Lincoln Theater, and plans on playing shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia though the end of the year. They are currently working on 2016 to be a big touring phase for the band as well.

Singer Alex Davis speaks for the band when saying, “Music is our lives’ passion. It articulates our experiences and gives them a meaning that can’t be told or described. We want to share our music in hopes it can give to someone else what it has already given and continues to give to us.”

The Getting Over You album was released July 30th and is available on most major digital outlets for streaming and download.

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